Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why You Have Few Friends

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No man is an island, that is the reality. However, for some people, it is not the quantity of the friends that they have which is important. What they focus on mainly is the quality of the relationship that they have with these people in their lives. 

So, why is it that some people seem to more picky when it comes to making friends? Is it because they are too intelligent or is it because of some other things? Here are a few reasons that we can reflect on when it comes to asking ourselves why our circle is smaller compared to others.

1. You say what's on your mind and you don't care much for fake small talk and conversations.

You don't conform to what and how others think. You form your own views and opinions about things, life, and other topics that interest you. You get contented in doing your own thing without any fear of missing out on the latest gossip or trend. 

2. You can easily spot bullshit and lies  

You avoid those who project fakery and a fake persona like they are afflicted with the plague. Also, you try not to get mixed up in all the drama associated with and to these fake personas.

3. You have no need to call attention to yourself in order to prove who you are

You know the kind of person that you are. You don't need to waste time explaining yourself to those who can't seem to get you. However, you mix easily with those who don't need any explanations, yet, in their own way, understand who you are. You prefer them because they don't get put off by your strong personality or presence because they too are secured with who they are. You also like to be with people who have goals and visions. These are the kind who would help you grow as an individual and whom you would help to grow and discover things as well.

4. You have finally come to recognize who your real friends are

These people may be only a handful, but these are the very same who has never and would never leave your side. They stand with you, support your decisions, and call you out if there's a real need to do so. The only new persons you would entertain would be those who show the same amount of respect that you accord to others and who deserve the same respect to be accorded to them.

5. You may be keeping to yourself a lot, talk less and listen more frequently

For these reasons, others may avoid being around you because though you don't speak a lot, you tend to observe what's going on, speak facts which others may not like nor accept. 

Having a few friends doesn't mean you're a genius or socially awkward. Sometimes, it just plainly states that you know how to choose the people whom you would trust and respect. You know your worth and you also recognize that you can bring more than cheap conversations to the table. However, when you find real friends, you don't hold back on supporting and encouraging them to shine. 

So, does it still bother you that you only have a very few trusted individuals that you keep in your circle? I hope not, because these are the people who would not leave you in your time of need. They understand you and have accepted you for who and what you are. 

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