Monday, March 13, 2017

Strung Along: How to tell if you are

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Don't be naive to think that only guys know how to lead women along. In reality, women can be far crueler when it comes to stringing men along. It happens to the best of people, don't worry about it. Some are just way to good at playing the game that it makes it difficult for you to tell whether she's really into you or she's just keeping your hopes up and making sure that she's got you in her back pocket whenever she needs someone to be at her beck and call.

How can you tell if she's just taking you out for a ride? Here are some tell-tale signs that you might be wrapped around her little finger.

1. She's playing the "Hard-To-Get" card really well. Okay, some women just really want to get to know the person courting her that's why she ain't gonna jump into a relationship with you the moment you profess your love for her. She will ask you to be patient with her and give her time to think things through. However, no matter what you do, she will never give you the one thing that you are asking for - COMMITMENT.

2. You can't make plans with her. You talk for hours on end, send text messages, e-mails and "communicate" on regular basis. However, once you mention any plans about going out or seeing each other, she will find ways and reasons to say no, or just plain tell you that she would need a "rain-check."

3. The conversations that you have seems to be superficial. Oh yes, she'll definitely tell you how her day went, how she feels for the day, her favorite stuff, food, drink, whether she's hungry, sad, sleepy, and some other emotions that you're not sure even exist. However, it does not extend beyond that. She wouldn't let you in on what her life really is. Do you know things about her childhood? Okay, may be not that far back just yet. But, do you know anything about her that extends outside of the ordinary things that could happen to anyone on a daily basis? Do you get the feeling that she doesn't want you to get to know her on an intimate level?

4. You don't feel any sense of security. Simply put, you don't know where to place yourself. She's sweet with you, she sends you messages that seem to be reserved for those who are in a relationship, yet, she'll call you a friend, especially when out in public.

5. She flirts, A LOT! You think you have something special going on between the two of you. You may even be sharing some meaningful, soulful, and even probably writing your stories in songs. However, she also shows the same towards her other male "friends."

6. Attention, she revels in it. She thrives in an environment where she is the center of attention, when gravity seems to be holding the attention of several men and keeping it close to her. If and when you start to wane, she will try to rope you in either by showing you affection or talking nasty about others. BUT, once you go back, she'll once again be the social butterfly, reveling in the attention of her other adoring fans.

These are just some of the things that you should watch out for when you think you're having a "connection" with a woman. Remember, there are so many other fishes in the ocean, you don't have to limit yourself to just one because you think that she's just really a catch. Interact with other people, expand your social network, go out, have fun! If you think that you're being taken out for a spin, you have the power to make it stop. Step on the freaking breaks and get out. Not cutting the strings will just make you feel so much worse. You too deserve better. 

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