Saturday, March 4, 2017

How Much Do Other People's Opinions of You Matter To You?

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There are times that we feel that we have to say our piece, to voice out our opinions not just about situations but of others as well. However, there are also times that we fail to understand that while doing so, there will be people who have opinions and thoughts about us as well. 

People talk, that's only but natural. The one thing that we have to ask ourselves is how much do these opinions matter and why they affect us so much.

1. Do these opinions affect you? Human beings talk about stuff that catches their fancy either for good or bad reasons. It's only but natural that people talk about the things that they like and dislike, this includes discussion about other people. The question is, do you let those opinions get to you? Do you feel like you have to explain yourself? Remember this: YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYBODY. Once you accept this, the lesser the impact these opinions will have on you.

2. Do you define your self worth based on what others say about you? In this day and age of social media and the internet, do you equate your sense of self based on how many likes your posts on Facebook gets? How many likes do your pictures have on Instagram? How many followers do you have? 

3. Do you try to be someone else? Do you pattern your likes and dislikes based on what's popular in your network of friends in order to be accepted by a clique? The sad thing here is that, well as cliche as it sounds, "what works for others may not be the best for you." Forging an identity based on what's popular just robs you of the chance to be yourself. It takes away that uniqueness that only you can offer. Yes, you may share some similarities with other people, but you have your own quirks, your own ways that leave things that you do with your own personal, one-of-a-kind stamp.

4. Do you have difficulties in making decisions for yourself without consulting others? This may be evidenced by the fact that you are losing trust in your own instincts, in your own abilities to make the right decisions for yourself. It's way different from being considerate of other people's feelings and how your decisions may affect them. If you become indecisive and often find yourself wanting or needing another person's input, it is best that you re-evaluate yourself. Ask yourself, am I making the decision based on what I think is right, on what is morally acceptable (based on my morals) and is it socially correct (meaning will it not be illegal, will you be jailed, etc). Remember that only you can make a decision about your life, you don't need others to tell what you to do. In the end, you can only point an accusing finger at them, however, it is you who will need to face the consequences of your actions.

5. Do you think that everything a person or a group of people say is all about you? News Flash! The world rotates on its axis 24 hours a day and travels on its orbit 365 days a year around the SUN not YOU. Hard to say it, but it's true - the WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU. It won't stop spinning just because you feel blue or it won't freeze on its axis just because you think that everyone else has their eyes laser focused on you.

So before you post another status saying anything about people whispering behind your back, better think again. Someone who truly doesn't give a fucking shit about what other people think will not even bother reacting to what they hear, see, and read. However, once you react even just the tiniest bit, then it means that you are affected and that other people's opinions of you matter that much in order for you to waste enough time to even say something stupid about it.

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