Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Fuzz

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Let me start with this:

Define the word: ASSUMING

(from my personal sarcastic dictionary)
~It is defined as the person who thinks that those who choose not to celebrate this over-hyped, overrated occasion called Valentine's Day are: single, dateless, and/or bitter. 

Not to burst anyone's judgmental attitude and opinion. I ask this question: Do we all have to celebrate the day? I mean, my personal equation for it goes something like: Valentines Day = Traffic + Difficult to reserve in restaurants or Long waiting list for a table + Overpriced flowers, chocolates, and other gift items/2. Yes, I am unwilling to submit myself to the trouble of planning that one single day.

I am not anti-love or anti-valentine for that matter. I'm quite exactly the opposite. I'm all for celebrating love, though I prefer to do it differently.

I do not jump onto the "love" bandwagon because I have this belief that love shouldn't be shown only on one day. A day that is so commercial that it has lost its romanticized meaning. If you're married or are dating someone, I think you should give special treatment your spouse/partner not on a common day, but rather celebrate it more during your anniversary; a day that holds special meaning for both of you. If you're single and spend this love day with family, why wait for February to show how much you love them? Why not surprise them with a family day out and show them how much you appreciate them? 

If you truly love those who are around you, you don't have to wait for one single day out of the 365 days that a year has in order to make them see that they are special. Make EVERY.SINGLE.DAY count. It may sound morbid to some, but this is reality: We don't know when we are going to die, everyday that we are alive and breathing is a blessing. Don't wait for Valentine's Day to give flowers to your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or those special to you. You don't know if they will still be there for the next heart's day. Treat them right ALL THE TIME. Make them FEEL LOVED every time you're with them. Don't wait for a day that you'll regret that you waited for Valentine's Day so that you can give them a box of their favorite chocolate. For that matter, don't wait for any special occasion at all. Make every day Valentine's and celebrate the love that you have for those who are important to you 365 days a year. Nope, there's no need for expensive gifts, because the one special gift that everyone truly appreciates and deserves is TIME. Spend time with your loved ones. LISTEN.TALK.COMMUNICATE.RESPECT. These gifts are free to give and you always have them in your hands.

Happy (everyday) Valentine's Day!

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