Monday, February 20, 2017

The Attention Seeker: Look At ME!

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What do these attention seekers really want and how do they get it?

A person who feels the need to have all eyes on them, via online message boards. An Attention Whore will write things about how their health or families health are in peril (ex. "Gangrene of a hangnail. Staph from paper cut" etc) in an attempt for sympathy.

Certain people bitch about every thing in their life. Always looking for pity around every corner. Having every ailment under the sun. Their ADHD, bi-polar, hormonal imbalances, and depression. There near fatal cat scratches that almost sever a limb ( not really sever, more like a really bad paper cut) their poor marriages, infidelities, addiction to drugs and alcohol, the fact that they suck at their jobs but need to blame their boss, co-worker, neighbor, cat, etc. for all their problems in life. You know the ones. We all post " awwe that's terrible" , or " OMG how horrible", and " keep your chin up, it will get better soon".
How would you know that the person that you're currently comforting is just someone asking for more attention in every possible way s/he can?

1. The person goes all out blatant. Instead of having a username that suggests of an alter-ego, a person seeking attention would just be forthright about their prowess in bed. You'll see usernames that go something like "@thebestlayintheworld" or "8inD!ck." Now, they aren't really being subtle, are they?

2. The person likes having pity-parties. S/He is just the saddest, most sick, laziest shit ass person in the entire planet. These people like posting either cryptic messages that would elicit response from other people or they would just keep saying things like "I'm feeling tired and lazy today" or "I can't decide." Simply put, these people would say or write down anything that would encourage other people to respond to their predicament. If no one says anything, they would definitely follow it up with something more dramatic. Most of the time, when it's a woman doing this, she will often flaunt her problems to the world - especially to men.  

3. If the first two don't work, this person would be the nicest one in the entire room. You'd notice that a person who falls under this category would be exceptionally nice to everyone. Putting his/her best foot forward in a way that would make you want to give him/her your wholehearted attention. She will get comfortable with you at lightning speeds. She'll normally present herself as someone who doesn't open up at once, but will make you feel that you are the only one who can relate to her, just because she opens up to you. Don't worry, it's a common manipulation technique, especially since most attention seekers can be quite charming and pretty in their own special way. 

4. It's not working still, then this person would be very temperamental and moody in their dealings with you. This person has a switch that s/he can flip on off in an instant. Nice at one end and mean in a snap of a finger. 

5. The next sign that you should be looking out for would be childishness. You'll  know this, as you would notice it that an attention seeker would most like exhibit characteristics that reeks of immaturity. She might go on saying that she is indecisive about a certain matter which would then compel you to ask her about it, give her your opinion, and even offer to help her resolve the situation. 

6. Another tell-tale sign of an attention seeker is someone who calls everyone a "best friend or a very good friend (something to those effect)." This would be evidenced by the fact that many men flock to her. These followers would feel like they have a "romantic connection" with her before finally realizing that they were just led on by this charming and manipulative person.

If you see these signs in a person that you're dealing with online or in real life, the best way to go about this is to try and avoid the attention seeker as much as possible. Put some distance between the two of you. You don't want to be sucked into something that would eventually drain you of energy both emotionally and physically. Look for real interactions and conversations that you would enjoy having because it is not a one way street, rather a meaningful one that would help you grow as a person.

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