Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Damsel in Distress Syndrome

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According to Urban Dictionary, a damsel in distress is defined as:

Damsel syndrome is a common affliction amongst women, particularly those who grew up watching Disney movies or reading fairy tales. Damsel syndrome is thought to be caused by women's desire to be "traditionally" feminine in the interest of attracting a partner, though in serious cases Damsel Syndrome can lead to becoming an annoying, needy, self-victimizing, dumb bitch.

A female with Damsel Syndrome will often play off a partner's willingness to be the "white knight" to her "damsel in distress" by consistently becoming more and more demanding. If denied their way, people with serious cases of DS often resort to emotional manipulation or crying.

Before I go on any further, I would like to say that I am in no way attacking any gender in posting this observation. It is just something that I have noticed and would like to share in my space on the interwebs. 

How can you tell then if the person that you are attracted to has the so-called "Damsel in Distress" syndrome? Look for some of these signs and then decide if you still want to spend more time with her.

1. Her life is just SAD. Ask her how her day went and you might hear: "It was good, BUT..." And the next words that come out tumbling would be, "I feel sad because of..." or "I don't have the energy to do..." It seems like she has an endless list of the things that are wrong within her day. Why is she doing this? Because she needs you to comfort her all the time. 

2. While you feel good helping her, there will come a point that you might notice that she's relying on you just a little bit more. She can make herself appear undecided, unable to move further in the day without you pushing her a bit or lifting her spirits up. Just a tip, she may be more than capable of making decisions and handling things on her own. She's only pretending to be indecisive to gain more of your attention and your time.

3. She sucks out your energy. At first, saving her and being the knight in shining armour can be very appealing, however, as things and time pass you will notice that she siphons off your energy due to her constant need for assurance.

Just like any other people there who need "help" there's just no use trying to save this damsel, if she doesn't want to be saved, especially if she may have equated this false sense of "being rescued" to the feelings of love, being needed, and belonging.

Guys, you should well remember that no matter how well armed and armoured you think you are to help this girl, a time will come that a chink will form, which will eventually lead to cracks that may shatter your shell to pieces. When that happens, you might end up as the one who needs real saving. 

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