Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Sun Sets

i watch the horizon as it changes hues
colors abound from reds, pinks, violets, and blues
the beauty i witness takes my breath away
as the sun sets to signal the close of day

as this marvel unfolds before my eyes
a memory returned and now hard do i try
to stifle the all too familiar sting now i feel
a pain that i know too well of wounds unhealed

engulfed in its embrace the darkness came
reminder of a word that is called your name
as i remember the promise you once had given
tears now came, uncalled and unbidden

for the last time, i will allow myself to shed the tears
along with screams of pain that will never reach your ears
as i finish i allow myself to pick up the pieces
of my heart that was shattered by all the broken promises

i look at the sky and remember the sun
 and what it whispered as it sets to await a new morn
i have seen true beauty, understood what it meant
close the day that is you and me, a love that has burnt

too soon, too fast, from each other we have faded
i have grown tired of the times for you i have waited
now it is time that i bid you goodbye
tell you that our sunset has come this is not a lie

Brightest Blessings!


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