Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thoughts to the Moon

 as far as the eyes can see there is nothing but darkness
as far as the heart can feel there is nothing but emptiness
the body is nothing but a discarded empty shell
soul was taken by a too potent of a spell
a mind confused all lost in a daze
tortured with nothing but a dream inside a maze
lips calling and screaming into the vast nothingness
ears straining for a voice, a call to be shaken back to sense
are those wings? is that a figure in the night?
only a shadow, fleeting running away because of fright
luna, o beauty seen by mortals in need
the thoughts of this prayer, a wish you might heed
take away the sorrow, assist these wings to flight
to join you in serenity in forever night

Brightest Blessings!


The Sun Sets

i watch the horizon as it changes hues
colors abound from reds, pinks, violets, and blues
the beauty i witness takes my breath away
as the sun sets to signal the close of day

as this marvel unfolds before my eyes
a memory returned and now hard do i try
to stifle the all too familiar sting now i feel
a pain that i know too well of wounds unhealed

engulfed in its embrace the darkness came
reminder of a word that is called your name
as i remember the promise you once had given
tears now came, uncalled and unbidden

for the last time, i will allow myself to shed the tears
along with screams of pain that will never reach your ears
as i finish i allow myself to pick up the pieces
of my heart that was shattered by all the broken promises

i look at the sky and remember the sun
 and what it whispered as it sets to await a new morn
i have seen true beauty, understood what it meant
close the day that is you and me, a love that has burnt

too soon, too fast, from each other we have faded
i have grown tired of the times for you i have waited
now it is time that i bid you goodbye
tell you that our sunset has come this is not a lie

Brightest Blessings!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Let The Tears Fall

 In silence she sits
In darkness she grieves
Alone she cries quietly
Alone she drops her bravery

Her heart heavy with grief
Her body shaking like an autumn leaf
Her mind filled with thoughts of happy times
Her entirety now for him away it pines

And as she writes the silent tears fall
And as she remembers crumble does her wall
Memory serves her bitter pill and pain
And now she wonders when will herself she regain

A broken heart shattered in pieces
Healing she yearns; the only thing she wishes
Her prayer now is for the rains to stop
For her heart to mend and the tears to not anymore drop

Brightest Blessings!


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Soul and Love

the big question is:

what happens to the souls when those two people who claimed that they are in-love decide to let go of the that thing called rubber band?

i felt your soul touch mine
although i know we have to let go in time
in this life, we can't stay together
we can't promise each other the word forever

who will first let the other end go
will it be you or me, no one really knows
when the moment comes, who will keep the hurt mum?
to the snap of the band who will be the one who is numb?

as we both realize the truth laid between and before us
who will be the first to cross that river in a rush?
does it really matter if it is you or I?
because at the end both or one will eventually cry

has the inevitable end finally come?
though I know that the love has not gone
is this the bittersweet end that I have feared
is the time for goodbye finally here?

my love, my sweet, sweet love
always i will treasure the reality that you and i wove
 eternally i will be grateful for what you have given me
a piece of your soul, your being, because goodbye now it must be

Brightest Blessings!


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