Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Mad Hatter Body with The Avocado 22, A New Set-Up

While I planned my Avocado 22 to stay with either my Pico or my husband's Void Ray, we both realized that it guzzles up e-juice so fast not unlike the big or old cars that drink up gasoline like sipping it through those big holed straws. 

Because of this, hubby decided to give it back to me. So, without a body for it to go with, I thought about buying a new mod called the Mini Volt. 

Photo Credit to UberVape

It's so small and it has a built in battery that I thought it would be a nice back-up just in case I forget to charge up the other batteries for the Pico. However, I decided against it when the person I spoke with at the shop told me that the battery may last only for 3 hours. I was like, DANG! I can't have that. What if I need to be out for a whole day and I don't have any other 18650s with me? Nah! I said no to the unit. I ended up just buying some batteries for the hubby who now has a total of 3. Good job!

The Mad Hatter mech has 2 batteries for it, while my Pico has 3. Now the only thing that I have to remember, especially when going out is to make sure that all 5 of them are fully charged and ready to use.  Why put them together? I noticed that even with the tank filled up, I don't use it as fast when it's with the mechanical mod. Hmmm, I wonder why. Still, it's a good thing. I now have two serviceable units, 2 working atomizers and 5 18650 batteries! Hurray for not worrying about being able to vape when I'm out with my friends even for an entire day!

Brightest Blessings!


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