Thursday, August 25, 2016


you have been so generous by giving me your precious time
i have seen you move mountains just to be mine
you have crossed rivers just to be with me
do not fret all is appreciated because efforts i did see

at this point it is my assurance you need
be still, be calm all those you will receive
in this your hour of uncertainty and fear
worry not for i am here, i am always near

to you the one who have given me much
i want to lock you in my arms, tell you hush
i have missed you and i love you, every single day
to hell and back i am with you for always

Brightest Blessings!


Clouds and Rain

clouds are moving fast
yet they seem to stay and last
sign of how i feel inside is the rain
pouring hard like my pounding pain

some time ago the breeze blows thoughts away
now it seems to press them in so they stay
cold breeze once comfort it brings
now like a bee, it hurts and stings

my first thought today was all of you
emotions within like a storm that brews
barelling down like a steam engine train
on a track called my heart crushed beneath the frame

stay or go, answers are sought
logic and emotions in confusion has fought
whomever wins i know the price
it is me who will lose in this one big fight

Brightest Blessings!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


'Twas that moment when I realized how much I feel for you
When I gazed into your eyes and felt what was inside to be true
Words became meaningless in that instant you held me in your arms
Because at that moment I felt safe, loved and away from all world's harm

'Twas that moment when I looked into your eyes that I knew
That the love you offered and gave in time it grew
'Twas at that moment when I felt your soul reach out to mine
'Twas that moment when I knew our souls have intertwined

Brightest Blessings!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Battery Safety and Vaping

Back to basics this time. 

Many new vapers (users of electronic cigarettes) have been asking us long time users about the clouds (vapor) that we produce, the best build for it, the atomizer, the settings used (if you have something that's called a variable wattage mod or simply plain understanding what and why a vaper needs an advanced set-up.)

Why do more advanced users want or need a better set-up?

Most if not all of us long term users have started with those cigarette like looking electronic cigarettes. As time passes, we start looking for something a little better. Bigger clouds, better flavor or taste from the e-juice, and sometimes even the looks of the unit comes into play. 

We start upgrading our units from the more simple mechanical mods like this one:

to the more sleek looking electronic cigarettes like these Variable Wattage Box Mods: 

By the way, variable mods are electronic cigarettes in the real sense. They have circuit boards, wiring, led screens. You'll need the basics, atomizers, eliquids, batteries to make them work. You can turn it off and on, set wattage, etc before you use it. A little more complicated than the full mechanical tube mods.

But all these units cannot run without a battery to supply power to them. What I would like to touch on today would be the basics of battery safety. 

While some would find it easy to understand the basics of Ohm's Law and it's relation to vaping, not everyone would have the patience to actually read through it nor would they have the patience to understand it.

So before asking as to how it would be possible for you can get vapor like this

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with battery safety in order to avoid accidents like over heating of the batteries which can then eventually blow up in your hands, worse yet your face while you vape. 

If reading the basics of Ohm's Law is a little bit too much of a chore for you, here is a basic calculation that can help you vape safely.

Battery Voltage/Resistance = Amps

The normal rate of an 18650 battery is at 3.7 Volts
Have someone check the Ohms or Resistance of your atomizer, let's put it at safest 0.5 Ohms
Then check the Amps of your battery, usually it's at 30 amps. Though, I suggest to calculate it at (-)5, so, let's put it at 25Amps.

My current build is 0.46 Ohms
The voltage is at 3.4
My battery's amps (I put it at 25Amps)

Let's check if my build is safe:

3.4/0.46 = 7.39Amps (that's what my build pulls out of the battery whose discharge rate is at 25Amps). That means I'm using about 30% of my power for my build consistently on my variable wattage mod. It also means that I'm not pushing my battery to the limits and that it's safe for me to continue vaping.

What exactly happens when you go over the amps rating of your battery?

There's the tendency for your battery to overheat, then vent. If this wouldn't be enough, then it goes boom! 

So, what do you do?

Remember that the safety limits of using a battery: NEVER go above 80% of your Amps rating.

After computing using this basic formula and you get figures that are near, at or above 80%, consider rebuilding your coils. And always assume that the amperage of your battery is lower than what's stamped on them. It's better to be on the safe side rather than find out that you were wrong when it's already too late. 

Vape safely!

Brightest Blessings!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Mad Hatter Body with The Avocado 22, A New Set-Up

While I planned my Avocado 22 to stay with either my Pico or my husband's Void Ray, we both realized that it guzzles up e-juice so fast not unlike the big or old cars that drink up gasoline like sipping it through those big holed straws. 

Because of this, hubby decided to give it back to me. So, without a body for it to go with, I thought about buying a new mod called the Mini Volt. 

Photo Credit to UberVape

It's so small and it has a built in battery that I thought it would be a nice back-up just in case I forget to charge up the other batteries for the Pico. However, I decided against it when the person I spoke with at the shop told me that the battery may last only for 3 hours. I was like, DANG! I can't have that. What if I need to be out for a whole day and I don't have any other 18650s with me? Nah! I said no to the unit. I ended up just buying some batteries for the hubby who now has a total of 3. Good job!

The Mad Hatter mech has 2 batteries for it, while my Pico has 3. Now the only thing that I have to remember, especially when going out is to make sure that all 5 of them are fully charged and ready to use.  Why put them together? I noticed that even with the tank filled up, I don't use it as fast when it's with the mechanical mod. Hmmm, I wonder why. Still, it's a good thing. I now have two serviceable units, 2 working atomizers and 5 18650 batteries! Hurray for not worrying about being able to vape when I'm out with my friends even for an entire day!

Brightest Blessings!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Avocado 22 RDTA Review

I have been looking for an RDTA for quite sometime now. I have to admit that dripping when you're out with your friends having a good time can be quite annoying. So, here I was looking for one when I chanced on an Avocado 22 at Vape King in SM Megamall. 

It was the last one on stock! So before I went to church, I told the shop keeper that I would come back and purchase it after I go to mass. Seeing probably that I was serious as heart attack, he immediately put it in another case and took it out of the display shelf. Long story short, I went back and bought it.

The Kit Comes with:

  • The atomizer
  • 1 extra glass tank 3mL capacity
  • Ceramic stopper
  • Extra screws
  • A Hex Key
  • Extra O Rings
  • 1 Wide Bore tip
  • 1 510 type tip
I originally planned to pair it with my VW iStick Pico mod. After several uses though, I noticed that I go through a bottle of e-juice faster than I can say, "What the hell?!?"

The Pros:

  • It's easy to build
  • The deck has a good juice well that directs extra liquid towards the wick holes thus saturating the cotton thoroughly.
  • The wick holes are big enough that it's so easy to put the cotton in it to go down to the tank area.
  • The juice tastes better. This is probably because of the ceramic stopper that comes with its air holes making the chamber smaller thus concentrating the flavors better. 
  • You can choose to either use the tank as reservoir. Meaning you build it like how you would a regular dripping atomizer and just tilting the tank every now and then to saturate the cotton.
The Cons:

  • Personally, the juice tastes better that it makes me chain vape a lot. 
  • Paired with my Pico, I noticed there were times that the mod would not recognize the atomizer. I had to tighten the screws (and I mean all of them) in order for it to be recognized again.
  • Quite complicated to take apart. It comes in apart in about 6 parts. The deck, the base, the glass, the top cap, the drip tip, and the cap with the air holes. If you include the ceramic baffle/stopper, that would make it 7. So, it might take a while for you to take it apart and clean it so that you can use a different flavored juice in the tank. You also need to be careful with it because the screws are quite small. You need to make sure that you build it on a plain white cloth to see everything. 
Overall Impression:

While it does take some getting used to, especially for those who are avid users of the much simpler dripping atomizers, getting an Avocado for a back-up RDTA is well worth it. I've been using it now for about a week and I have yet to experience any leaks from it. 

If you have anything else to share or add, or even a question to ask me, please shoot me an email! I'll try to respond in the soonest possible time.

Brightest Blessings!


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