Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mad Hatter Mini Kit

So, I have been using this full mechanical electronic cigarette for a month now. It was bought last  May as an early birthday present for me by my husband. Yehey! I have a new shiny mech! He bought it for about Php 2,000 (roughly USD 45) from Mistwood Vape Cafe in Eastwood City, Libis. 

Why did he buy it for me? My old unit, a torpedo mod and my ERA atomizer (both served me for 3 years or more) are both dying on their feet. It has been misfiring (meaning that even if the atomizer is properly screwed on, well coiled and wicked, it wouldn't fire). Also, the ERA has loose threads and we needed to use a long nose pliers in order to tighten the screws perfectly.  Aside from that, since the ERA is really old, the insulator is now at its last days and there are no available parts for it anymore. Saddening, but then again, it lasted for 3 years without me needing to replace any of its parts. Good buy!

What did it come with?

The package contains the following:

1 Mad Hatter Stainless Steel Full Mechanical Hybrid Tube
1 Mad Hatter Stainless Steel Mini Atomizer
1 Wide Bore Drip Tip
2 pieces of Hex Keys
Spare O rings
Spare Screws

Batteries and Charger were of course separate (but since I had been using a full mech mod for 3 years, I have them at a ready at home)

Let's talk about the body:

It's a straight single tube which means that conductivity is far better than my old torpedo mod which consisted of two tubes, one of which is threaded which allowed me to use different sized batteries from an 18350 to an 18650. (That's the only advantage that I have seen so far)

The Mad Hatter system is a Hybrid, meaning that there is no 510 connector that would separate the atomizer from the battery. So, the base would be in direct contact with the battery that is inside the tube.

At the base of the tube, you will find the firing switch. The downside, there is no locking mechanism for it. Meaning, the only thing that you need to do is press the button and as long as your battery is charged and the atomizer coils are working, you can start vaping! The downside would be, if you're not careful with the adjustments, you might end up with a unit that auto fires, so care must be taken when putting this thing inside your bag or pocket.

The switch is copper so it does conduct electricity quite well. However, it can get hot especially when you chain vape.

The Atomizer

It has an engraving of the Mad Hatter Logo which is quite cool if you ask me. The cap has 3 air holes that you can switch around in order to give you better air flow control. Personally, I use a single air hole set up which gives me decent flavor and cloud production.

It has a flip top cap which makes direct dripping easier. You don't need to worry about where you put your top cap or your drip tip when you have to soak your coils and cotton after enjoying a good chain vape. The mesh that you see is also a spit back shield. I can enjoy a good vape without the juice going inside my mouth and burning my tongue. 

At the base of the atomizer you will see this

It is also copper plated that gives it the best conductivity for a more enjoyable vape experience.

My Overall Impression of the Mad Hatter Mini System:

It's a cheap alternative especially for those who would like to start vaping. For Php 2,000, you would get a good sturdy stainless steel body with an atomizer! All you need to do is buy a bottle of e-juice, a set of batteries and a charger and you're good to go.

The good thing about stainless steel mods is that it is study in its simplicity. You don't have to worry about any circuit boards breaking in case you drop your PV (personal vaporizer) accidentally. The one thing that you do have to worry about is if it drops on someone's head, foot, hands because it will definitely hurt.

As for this system, I do not have any issues with it. It hasn't misfired nor auto-fired in the whole month that I have been using it. The flavor is just right, as long as you know the sweet spot for the coil build based on the kind of juice that you are using. The spit back shield works, as I have yet to experience getting burnt by warm juice entering my mouth. It is easy to build, just make sure that you either don't loose the Hex Key or you have a spare one of the same size with you all the time. The only thing that I noticed though was that the whole top cap of the atomizer is kinda loose on the body. Be careful with it, you don't want it flying off of the base.

The switch is easy to press. And it's adjustable depending on the height that you need for your battery to connect with the base of the atomizer. 

I have dropped it and it still fires. The upside, the top cap of the atomizer now sits well and snug on the base. But, I do not recommend you to drop your unit just to make it fit. 

It's a good starter kit for those who would like to try vaping. Even for the more advanced users who are just looking for a back-up kit, that could take some abuse, this one is worth the price.

If you want to ask me about this system, don't hesitate to contact me. Shoot me an email.

Brightest Blessings!


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