Friday, November 15, 2013

Bullet Mod and Era Atomizer

I started vaping or using a personal vaporizer (electronic cigarette for about a year now). The first ever that I got was one of those pen type things that had a built in battery. When it broke down, I decided to get something sturdier. 

Here I am now, vaping using a Bullet Mod and a Rebuildable Atomizer called the ERA (short for Easy Rebuildable Atomizer).

My set up:

Bullet mod with an 18500 (mid length) battery) and an ERA atomizer with Alibata (old Filipino writing) top cap and a glass tip

 The ERA atomizer with a bigger hole, drilled to 2mm in order to give it a better air flow.

A closer look at the writing on the top cap

And the build: I use 3 loops of .28 Kanthal wire and for the wick, cotton

Brightest Blessings!


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