Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Obsessing Over the Numbers

Christmas time usually poses as a big challenge for most people who are trying to lose weight. What with all the parties, food, alcohol, sleepless nights and less time for physical activity, it's no wonder why some dieters get obsessed with the numbers on the scale at the end of the month.

After losing a total of 15lbs in two months time, I would be the first to admit that when December was ushered in, I was one of those who were fearful of what this month would do to my diet, its impact on my hard work and the not so beautiful changes it may bring to me. All my fears were put to rest when I read this great post from Escape from ObesityFocus, Obsession and Balance

The article talked about the worries of one person who is on the road to wellness. She also made mention that there was a time that she was so focused on the weight loss that there were times that she almost "Forgot" the other real life stuff that she has to deal with. Finally, she said that she hopes that come January, she would be on the road to a fresh new start and being able to balance everything that life has to offer.

What I'm trying to say is - I shouldn't be too obsessed with the numbers on the scale to the point that I forget what the season is all about. This season is NOT about me, my plans, the numbers on the scale or the sulking should I not lose weight. This season is about celebrating the joy of being with family, friends, feeling the spirit of what life is all about because a special baby was born.

This season is about giving something to others, the gift of life. The gift of showing that there's much more to life than just the numbers on the scale and the size of your clothes. Am I saying that it's okay for me to binge and/or overeat? NO! What I'm saying is, I should live a life that is inspirational. The weight loss is not just for myself. It's my gift to my family because if I remain healthy (even without weight loss) then I can assure my family that I can enjoy holiday activities with them. Keeping myself healthy is one way of telling my family that I value them and that I want to spend more time with them by reducing the risks of health issues that are related to being overweight. 

So, this month, (and I hope in the months to come) I will not obsess over the numbers. I will try to find a balance in life. I will make sure that this journey will affect others positively as much as it affects me. I will try to inspire those whom I love and hopefully those who read this blog that health and life are the most precious gifts given to you by our creator and they are the most precious gifts that you can give to your loved ones as well as to yourself.

Have a happy and healthy holidays!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Creating a Lifestyle You Can Live With

Blinkie from Shabby Blogs

For me dieting is always a challenge. Anyone who says otherwise may have a different opinion. Reading up on my friend's blog, I noticed that she continued with the Beck Diet Solution. The first time that she posted about it, I asked her permission if I can do the same thing. Thankfully, she said yes. 

Here is the continuation of my post Thinefits - Day 1 of the Beck Diet Solution: List Down All the Benefits of Being Thin.

Day 2 talks about Picking 2 Reasonable Diets

There are so many diets to choose from these days. Many may swear that this one diet works for them, while others may say the exact opposite. The dilemma can be further be complicated by the fact that you have other people in the house living with you who are not into following any diets. 

The solution to this dilemma is choosing a diet that is acceptable to all those concerned. When I first started my journey, this was one source of concern for me. I mean, I can't make my husband follow a diet that is designed for someone who is losing weight. There are only two of us in the house and cooking one meal for myself and another for hubby is not only a hassle, it is also impractical.

My solution - cook something that is healthy and would still be delicious. I still cook our regular meals like pasta, pork and some other stuff that some dieters may frown upon. Hold it! I made some adjustments to those dishes. Take example pork - instead of choosing the fatty cuts, I go for the leaner cuts. For pasta, I try to stay away from pre-made sauces and instead cook my own marinara/spaghetti sauce.

See, there's always a work around! Be creative and you can still enjoy the tempting dishes without the excess calories!

Day 3 is about Eat Sitting Down

It is said that we should all sit down and enjoy what ever it is that we are eating. However, Jenn (my friend and the owner of the book) posted some interesting points. 

To summarize it, we may not be eating down to enjoy all our meals. Maybe we take a little portion of something when we pass by the dinner table, a colleagues desk or even when we open the fridge. These actions can be classified as eating urges that we can all curb.

The best way to do this - ask yourself if it's really worth sabotaging your diet and health by taking a small piece of that sinful cake in the fridge. When I say sabotaging, it doesn't mean that you stay away from all the food that you usually eat, what I'm trying to say is - Are you really hungry when you took that one bite?

Day 4 focuses on Give Yourself Credit

For all the hard work that you do, make sure that you take time to give yourself a pat on the back. The book suggests that you put a coin or paper money in a container every time you make the right decision. It can be for completing your exercise routine, staying away from sweets or any other small victory that you may have accomplished in a day.

Hmmm, personally, I think I'll go ahead and start this reward jar by the first day of the new year. Isn't it great that while you're shedding off the pounds you're also able to save some cash in the process because of this small reward system? That's motivation all right! 

Maybe after a year of putting some money rewards for myself, I'll be able to buy a new gadget. Kind of like a bigger reward for a year's hard work. 

Just like what the blinky says, Life is not about finding something, it's about creating one. Dieting is a lifestyle change and that is something that I am willing to create for a new, better and healthier me! Cheers!

This new lifestyle means so many things. Personally? It means that life is about having fun by enjoying all the small victories, the things that you do and most especially it means that I can choose to be healthy but I am still allowed to enjoy the simple pleasures that this world has to offer - including cakes and ice cream!

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