Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting a Tattoo

I have always wanted to get a tattoo, especially after I turned 18. However, to avoid giving my mother a heart attack, I refrained from getting ink on my skin until she told me that she would be leaving to stay in the United States for good.

It was a bittersweet moment, bitter because I know that I would be missing my mom and sweet because finally I would be able to get my ink.

So, how did I choose my design? I have always wanted to get something that reflects my culture and having an ink written in the old Filipino alphabet called Baybayin suited my style. I opted for the revised version of the alphabet which included several letters which were missing from the original Filipino alphabet.

On the left side of the triquetra is my husband's name, on the right is my name and below that would be our last name. The Triquetra for me symbolizes body, mind and spirit, while the pentacle is for protection as well as a symbol of nature - Earth, Fire, Water, Earth and the Spirit all encompassed by this circle called life and this universe that we all live in.

The second piece which completes the bracelet on my right forearm is an art piece drawn and sketched by the man I love. I first saw this when we were still going out and I fell in love with it immediately.

What does it mean? For me it is to show that I appreciate my husband's art. What connection does it have to me aside from being my husband's art? I was born in June and the flower for that month is the Rose, which signifies beauty and love.

Black roses are not found in nature, but can sometimes be seen in floral shops. This flower may symbolize death and mourning, but for some, three are much more deeper meanings of this unnaturally colored rose.

> Death that starts rebirth, the start of something new
> Deep and rare devotion - like the flower itself
> The symbol for everything that is dark in life
> Mysterious and elusive

For me, it simply means that I adore my husband and that I would love it if he realizes that I would devote this life and even the next to him and our future family.

Tied in with the mystical symbols on my first tattoo it means that I am in search for a deeper devotion to my faith, the openness to the mysteries of the world, the acceptance of the darkness within and yet still blooming to show that there is light in the world.

Now that these tattoos are a year old, I will be getting two new ones hopefully this coming Saturday, the 20th of November. A butterfly bracelet and a dark angel below my nape.


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