Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excited to Get My New Tattoos

The design for my angel tattoo at the back of my neck
The Symbolism

There are so many meanings associated to an angel tattoo. Most of these meanings symbolize spiritual awareness, protection, a messenger, higher thinking, clarity and understanding. Some say that dark angel tattoos symbolize the darker side of life, a person's love for this darkness, their acceptance of it and just to remind them that it exists.

Personally, I am getting this tattoo because it symbolizes who I am. A person with two sides - the light and the dark, my acceptance of both sides, my spiritual path and protection.

The design for my butterfly bracelet on my left forearm

Butterfly Symbolism

It is said that the butterfly is a symbol for transformation, transition, celebration, lightness, time and soul. 

For me, it is a reminder to accept the changes that I am about to undergo, from being overweight to someone who is quite Divalicious. It will remind me to accept these changes in my body and of course my environment without questions and embracing it wholly. It is also spiritual for me, the journey to wellness also affects my whole person, the way I see my faith and how I practice it.

Me getting this tattoo is so timely, as I am determined more than ever to change my physical self - from a fat caterpillar to a very beautiful and delicate butterfly. It fits me to a tee - because just like a butterfly who transformed, at the end of this journey to health, wellness and fitness, I will be changed, I will be so different from the time that I decided to do something good for myself. 

On Saturday I will be inked yet again and I am excited to show to the world how my journey to self awareness turns. Goodbye to the old me and hello Ms. Divalicious Butterfly!


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