Monday, May 16, 2011


Forever to me you are lost
This heart of mine aches when in my mind you cross
Pain comes in unmeasurable waves
To remember the love I buried in a grave

Your face that I will no longer see
Haunts me in my sleep that is so deep
The gentle voice that in my ears still ring
Immeasurable pain in my being it brings

I have hoped that this love I still feel
Had died the moment our goodbye was sealed
Why then is the feeling of hurt so real
Tell me please how to forget you because that I can't do still.

An original poem written by Nathalie Santos - Dayo
copyright 05/16/2011

Brightest Blessings!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blogging Etiquette

I've been blogging since 2007 or so and when I returned to web writing (blogging) after my years of absence, I was surprised about the so many changes in the blogosphere.

Here are some things about me and how I write that some of those who follow this blog and actually read it may have noticed.

- I'm very much opinionated.. I voice out what's inside my head without fear. Some may actually find it condescending, rude, judgmental, filled with criticisms and the like. I'll be the first to admit that some of my posts actually drip with sarcasm, but this is my space in the cyberworld, kinda like my home, where I'm free to discuss about anything and everything under the sun (those of which that catch my attention and I feel is worthy of my time).

Some may say that the things that I write about are quite insulting. The thing here is, why get insulted by something which is not directed towards you? These are my thoughts and my opinions, this personal blog is very much like a diary, albeit open for anyone to read.

Okay, let me share some of the blogging tips that I've read from this SITE

On commenting - I love it when people share their thoughts, views and opinions on the things that I write. Yes, I join blog memes and I do appreciate the comments. Although, I personally love those comments which encourage discussions rather than a static comment that does not.

I strongly encourage those who visit my blog to leave their links/url by using the form that I have embedded on this blog and I promised that I would try to visit you as soon as I have the chance. However, I do notice and give priority to the bloggers who post sensible comments and most of the time I skip those whose comments are solely there for the purpose of promoting their blogs and driving traffic to their sites. I apologize if this may sound (read) rude, but this is the truth.

I have fallen into this pit of leaving one liner comments on other blogs, but most of the time, I read the posts and try to understand what the author is trying to say so that I can post a short but relevant comment on the post.

While on the subject of commenting, I have received two or maybe three hate comments on my blogs. It was funny at first, but it got irritating and annoying, especially when that person commented on something that I wrote without CLEARLY understanding the message of what I've written. I don't mind differences in opinion as long as there's a basis for it and because you have formed your own thoughts and views about something. What I don't appreciate are those comments which JUDGE me as a person, because for one, this is the cyberworld and there's so much to learn about me and who I am outside of this box that we call our monitors.

On following this blog or any of my blogs for that matter - Thank you very much for taking interest in reading my blogs, however, I ask that you do not expect me to follow you back. I deeply appreciate that people follow which ever blog of mine they wish to because the blog either aroused their interest or has inspired them. Since I started blogging again, I have made it a point to FOLLOW or LINK BACK to those blogs which inspire me, either through their skills in writing, photography, editing, illustration or just because they voice out their opinions about things freely.

And don't get me wrong, I admire those who support each other by using link backs, blog exchanges and the like. My personal stand is I follow those which inspire me and I love it that those who take time to read my blogs do so because I inspire them. I too am open to link backs and exchanges, BUT I do it out of respect and admiration.

I have read this line from this site and I would like to repost it here:

I would not trade a handful of readers I respect and like for 10,000 hits a day from people just following the herd.

On reposting  articles - I have done this personally, however I made sure to ask permission from the original author first, wait for their approval and of course I would link back to the specific post where I got the article from. And that's the only thing that I ask from those who may want to repost anything from this or any of my other blogs.

I have been thinking of whether it is appropriate for me to post these thoughts of mine since I started blogging and these sites inspired me to do so:

The Ward-O-Matic

Thank you for respecting my thoughts and opinions.

Brightest Blessings!

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