Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jerry Olmedilla - The One Who Made Me Cry

Thankfully hubby has not made me cry out of sadness for the longest time that we have been together. But, there was one man, one person who really made those tears fall almost endlessly.

He's the one who got away. I fell in love with this person when I was 14 years old. We were together for two and a half years, happy but immature.
The day we broke up, I told him to never call me again, out of sheer anger; something that I deeply regret until today. It's not because I'm unhappy, but because I could have said goodbye to that person in a more civil and better way. I guess 16 was still really immature, childish and I have to admit, I was just plain mean.

Allow me to be cheesy once in a while.

One of the songs that I really really love. Something that pierces straight to the heart. When ever I hear this song, it still makes me cry - a river.

For you my Love, the one who got away.

Gawd, it's almost 17 years since we parted ways and you're still haunting me... I met you I was only 13y/o, turning 14 and you were 18, going 19. As soon as I turned 14, I said yes to you. I loved your perseverance and of course you. We stayed together for 2 and half years. Young as we were, we knew we were going somewhere. But I guess all good things never last, at a blink of an eye, a short conversation on the phone and you were gone.

I am today, happily married. And I love my husband, from his biggest assets down to his smallest faults. I could never imagine living all these 11 years without him beside me. But, the reality is "first love never dies." Cheesy? Yes, I know it freaking is, but that's the truth. Whoever said, "Time heals all wounds" should be shot and if he's dead, raise him up just so I could shoot his heart out. It is so not true. The wounds of you leaving have not closed nor has it been healed by time. It remains open, just like a nasty wound or gash that has been infected. The memory of you is just like picking the scabs to expose a very much fresh wound.

I wish we could see each other again, just to talk. Talk about everything that has happened. Talk not about what could have been, but the reasons behind our drifting apart.

All your letters may be gone, but every letter, every word and even your penmanship has been burnt to my memory.

I wish...

...I could hear your voice again.
...I could say that I love you for one last time
...I could finally say goodbye.


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