Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forever Frozen

I promise to be your angel in the dark
Let me into your life, let me make my mark
Open up to me your heart
Into my realm take your place, your part

My promise is to take you away
In world of misery I will not let you stay
Give me a chance to know you more
I feel you are different from those before

Hold me, hug me, lock me in your arms
Tight is your embrace I feel safe from harm
Come fly with me to unknown land
Without any fear as side by side we stand

Your lips I feel it tremble and shake
As my lips on yours your soul I take
Lay down beside me as I give you peace
Immortal love and slumber to you my gift

Is this passion that I feel?
My hunger are you filling it for real?
Our bodies pressed together frozen in time
In ecstasy you answered forever you're mine
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