Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deceased - A Conversation Between Death and Darkanjel

Darkness falls but these eyes are open
Inside this soul I feel pain and burden
Why have you not come to me?
Why do you not want to set me free?

I am here, I heard your call.
What you ask of me is an order so tall.
Answer to what you are ridden
It is not I, to me it is not given!

Bleeding is this heart
Soul that is shattered torn apart
Take me away from this body
Let this mind and shell be empty

Why do you ask for this my angel?
Do you not want to live a life that is well?
The pain and hurt it is nothing but natural
You experience this for as long as you are mortal

Take me with you to a land that is dark
The life I have lived is nothing but stark
Take me away from all this sorrow and pain
To a land without feelings and nothing to gain

Death and Darkangel
I cannot give you what you ask
I beg you please allow me to leave this husk
Hold my hand and let me give you peace
At last rest! At last light and life have ceased!

copyright: nathalie santos - dayo 2010
written: 2009

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