Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Against Pathetic-ness

Enough with the "LOOK AT ME," "LOVE ME," and "PAY ATTENTION TO ME" crap!

Why is it there are people on this good earth who are so pathetic enough to beg for attention and screaming to the the world their lack of it?

Am a shrink and proud to be. 

I sooooooooo love shrinking the heads of people with inflated ego...

So here's my opening salvo:

If you're wondering why people ignore you, let me give you an idea.

1. You've got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much drama going on.
2. You're pathetic.
3. You crave so much attention that you don't even notice that the people you want to notice you just don't give a darn care about you.

Grow up a bit will yah?
Leave the drama club in high school or college even.

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