Monday, October 6, 2008


a world without sorrow, a world without pain
a world that is numb where there is no gain

i am not perfect and i can never be even close to perfection
all that i can do is be the best for you, the way you bring it out in me

i make mistakes, that is only but natural
don't tell me that never have you committed a mistake in your lifetime

the only way for us to grow as human beings is to experience everything that life offers
enjoy the moment, learn from the mistakes of the past, look towards the future with hope

the present is not as dull as you think it is
nor is it as exciting as you picture it to be

love can never be faked as well as commitment
but we can well be sure that it can change as the world around you change

when you give yourself to someone, do not expect anything in return
the biggest pain of life is being disappointed by rejection

it's funny that the person you care for most is the very person who hurts you the worst
then at one point you will find the one who will make sure that you don't shed a tear

i find it funny that when i care for a person i always end up on the losing end
just to realize that the person i shed tears for doesn't even deserve one drop

there are times though that love bites and grabs you hard
before you know it, it has dragged you down into a hole so deep

and the worst part of it all, is when that person offers you a promise and honesty
just to find out that promises are always made to be broken and what seemed real was just fantasy and lies

life, not easy ain't it?
but would you care to trade it for anything?
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