Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fatal Kiss

Invitation from a warm hand
Who are you calling me to be beside you as I stand?
Heart of ice that was so cold
Melting now in your warm embrace and hold
As in darkness your voice I hear
All now forgotten, the sorrow and tears
In this world it's just you and me
Darkness our cover, here we are free
Listen closely, it is you I need
Alone with you I'll travel this road where ever it leads
My love, receive this fatal kiss
Into the realms of immortal love, with you and in you, I found my peace

Monday, October 6, 2008


a world without sorrow, a world without pain
a world that is numb where there is no gain

i am not perfect and i can never be even close to perfection
all that i can do is be the best for you, the way you bring it out in me

i make mistakes, that is only but natural
don't tell me that never have you committed a mistake in your lifetime

the only way for us to grow as human beings is to experience everything that life offers
enjoy the moment, learn from the mistakes of the past, look towards the future with hope

the present is not as dull as you think it is
nor is it as exciting as you picture it to be

love can never be faked as well as commitment
but we can well be sure that it can change as the world around you change

when you give yourself to someone, do not expect anything in return
the biggest pain of life is being disappointed by rejection

it's funny that the person you care for most is the very person who hurts you the worst
then at one point you will find the one who will make sure that you don't shed a tear

i find it funny that when i care for a person i always end up on the losing end
just to realize that the person i shed tears for doesn't even deserve one drop

there are times though that love bites and grabs you hard
before you know it, it has dragged you down into a hole so deep

and the worst part of it all, is when that person offers you a promise and honesty
just to find out that promises are always made to be broken and what seemed real was just fantasy and lies

life, not easy ain't it?
but would you care to trade it for anything?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


precious are times that i talk to you
as you take away my feelings of blue
to make me smile even for a while
minutes seem to stretch out a mile

once i saw you had a sad face
answer you gave put me in a daze
you said that to you i might be angry
to hear not my voice you feel a little weary

the hug i will give to you is tight
saying please do not give up the fight
you answered it with a kiss given gladly
you know not how it made me happy

when i accept your kiss what would you do?
answer you gave was safe but true
to cross the bridge when there we get
where it leads we know not yet

the simple hug returned with a simple kiss
and those three words that me you miss
read before we ended and said good night
you made me happy before sleeping tonight

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


elements of air, fire, water and earth
saw me embraced by the quiet arms of death
i ask of you not to mourn
for i am going to be reborn

now you stand witnesses of my rebirth
into darkness, sorrow and mirth
once i loved the brightness of light
as i rose from the ashes i shunned the bright

left alone in the quiet of the night
allow me to experience your might
rid me from conscience and guilt
give me the sword of sorrow filled to the hilt

misery from the stench and putrid kiss
to give to someone who will not be missed
to shoot hatred from arrow and bow
these are things that i now bestow

splendid purity of former wings
and songs of love which i then sing
forever gone replaced by wings of coal
songs of destruction will come from my soul

Friday, August 1, 2008

Maybe, Just Maybe

life is just so full of choices, of decisions to be made...
most often than not:
we tend to choose the easiest way out
we ignore the things that are important
we turn our heads in another direction
we mask our hearts and what is inside it.

fear cripples
the mind so it will not question nor attempt to understand things
the body making it weak and unwilling to survive
the spirit giving in without a fight
the heart makes one cold and numb

in this life, in this world
there are just so many risks
the question then is are you willing to take the plunge?
will you jump into the unknown?
will you even consider the possibility?

every once in a while maybe...
maybe i can risk it...
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